Film Critique for Kids

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Film Critique CoverFilm Critique For Kids

Whether you feel like your family watches a lot or a little television and movies, we are all watching more media than generations before us.  It can be a challenge to separate the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff.  It’s one thing to tell our children what they can and cannot watch.  It’s another thing to help them develop their own filter by which to evaluate media–for purity and virtue, but also for literary depth and decent art.  Let’s be honest, a lot of what’s out there is just plain bad.  It lacks in depth and is fueled only by consumerism.  But there are also movies full of beauty, grace, and valuable life lessons.  This book was written to teach our children the difference, to fine-tune their discernment.  We want them to be conscientious consumers of media and not gluttons.

If you desire the same for your children, this little curriculum is for you!

It’s a curriculum designed for grade school students (but could certainly work through Junior High as well!) that teaches the fundamental elements of literary critique.  It is broken down into six sections.  In each section there is a family friendly film to view, a concept to learn (setting, theme, plot, conflict, etc.), and relevant assignments that guide the student into thinking about and dissecting the film, story, and message.  In addition, there are Scriptures to examine and a study in discernment.  We also include a few pages just for fun–activities that go along with the movie.

Read more and see FREE sample pages here: Preparing Thinkers.

Available in ebook format only, emailed to you upon receipt of payment. (Orders will be sent to the email address that is linked to PayPal unless you give special instructions otherwise. Orders placed on Sundays will be fulfilled on Mondays. Thanks for understanding.) ORDER HERE.

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