Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Thanksgiving Panini

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Got leftovers?  GOOD!  We adore Thanksgiving leftovers.  They are the basis of some of the most fun food evah!  Here’s a favorite post Thanksgiving meal: The Panini!

Thanksgiving PaniniYou need:

Leftover shredded turkey

Leftover cranberry sauce

Sliced Fontina Cheese

Sliced bread (today we used a rustic whole wheat loaf)


Thanksgiving Panini

If you had any leftover greens (green salad, kale, collards, arugula, etc.) I’d add those, too!


You can grill, fry or press these.  It is a chilly day, so we had these with hot tea and talked about our favorite parts of Thanksgiving (we spent our time at Papa and Nana’s house).  This is how you do Black Stay-At-Home Friday!

Thanksgiving Panini


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