Baby Steps To Abundant Home Centered Living

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Baby Steps

(Original photo by Haus of Straus)

If you’ve been hanging out in The Provision Room for any length of time, you know that we are just consumed with the idea that home is where it’s at. We believe in joyful and abundant home-centered living.  We feature other homemakers from time to time to inspire you that home-centered lives are possible at every phase and in every sphere.  We share recipes and prayers and our struggles and adventures.  All aimed to celebrate and encourage you to live your best home centered lives.

But, let’s be real….it’s tough! The world we live in doesn’t make home-centered living easy.  It takes a lot of focus, determination, intentionality.  But, it’s totally possible!  Now, you may be thinking, “Well, that sounds lovely!” and then you start to try to reorder your life with home as the center and everything unravels and you get discouraged and give up, defaulting to making your outside activities, work, or school the center of your existence again.  We are here to tell you that you do not need to be discouraged. It’s all about BABY STEPS!  Or as the Japanese say: kaizen. This is a philosophy that says small (and we mean tiny!) incremental changes are best.  Just do one thing differently or pick up one good habit. For example if your diet is pretty subpar, don’t start with, “I’m never going to eat processed food or sugar again!” That sets you up for failure. Plain and simple.  Instead say, “I am going to replace one soda a day with a glass of lemon water.” Boom. Success.  Do just that one thing until it becomes so second nature that it is now your default.  Then move onto another easy step, “I will order a salad to start every time I eat out.” Again, you cannot fail at that.  It’s so do-able, so practical, that it feeds your success.  This idea of kaizen, small continual improvements can be applied to every part of our lives as we set our sights on making our home lives abundant and joyful!

So, here we offer suggestions on baby steps. Pick something and set your sights on success!

In the kitchen:

  • Eat a fermented food or drink a fermented beverage every day
  • Ditch the soda or replace one soda with water, lemon water or green tea
  • Eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal
  • Replace your margarine or regular butter with pastured butter or coconut oil
  • Replace your table salt with sea salt
  • Sit down to eat your meals at a table and not at your desk, couch or over the sink
  • Set a timer at dinner and purpose to eat more slowly and mindfully.
  • Say grace before and after every meal
  • Take a class on traditional foods (we offer several in person and online)
  • Drink a small cup of bone broth every day
  • Make dinner together as a family (these could also fall in the “entertainment” category!)
  • Plan out your dinners in advance (by the week or month) for more time with your family and less time frantically searching the pantry for “what’s for dinner?”
  • If you eat out a lot or eat a lot of processed foods, purpose to make one meal from scratch each week
  • Instead of heading to the drive through for a quick meal put together a car picnic basket and the next time you are caught out simply pick up a few items from the grocery store and have a picnic
  • Purchase your fruits and vegetables from a local farmer’s market instead of the grocery store

In The Kitchen

Physical activity:

  • Do 15 minutes of restorative exercise a day (yoga, pilates, or stretching)
  • Take a short walk after dinner (bonus if you stroll with your honey!)
  • Go barefoot outside on the grass or dirt for a couple minutes every evening
  • Sit on the floor more
  • Go barefoot as often as you can
  • Learn to squat instead of bending over
  • Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling!  Do you like to dance then find a dance class.  Do you like to ride bikes then can your ride to work one day a week?  If you make exercise fun you are much more likely to do it!
  • Stretch while you watch TV in the evening
  • Park further away from the store and walk instead of parking up front
  • Exercise with a buddy!  Accountability will help keep you moving.
  • Set a goal of participating in a local organized bike ride or run
  • Do your own yard work instead of hiring landscape maintenance
  • Plant and tend a garden

Natural health and healing:

  • If the budget is an issue, every month add one beneficial thing to your natural healing cabinet
  • Go to bed a half hour earlier than you are accustomed to
  • Get up 10 minutes earlier in the morning
  • Learn to use a Netipot
  • Learn to properly steam
  • Make Super Tonic
  • Take a workshop on natural remedies (we offer one in person or online)
  • Take a daily nap or at least a short period of rest
  • Treat yourself to a quiet cup of tea or coffee every day
  • Intentionally breathe for 5 minutes each day
  • Make epsom salt part of your bath routine
  • Switch out toxic body products for all natural products
  • Replace old shower heads with shower heads that filter out the chlorine in your water


amused again


  • Skip the theater and watch a movie snuggled on the couch together
  • Read a book out loud for 10 minutes after dinner
  • Pick one day a week or a month that is “family day” and do something fun together
  • Picnic in your backyard or if it’s cold out, on the living room rug!
  • Invite the neighbors or another family from church over for a meal
  • Make a few Christmas gifts instead of buying them
  • Play board games or cards
  • Play musical instruments or sing together
  • Make a new tradition
  • Put a puzzle together

Your Domestic Church:

  • When you attend church sit together as a family, don’t let the family spread out all over the place
  • After dinner read a few verses of Scripture and ask each person to say the one word or phrase that jumped out them.
  • Play worship music as the background for housework
  • Say a bedtime prayer with your children each night (start with The Lord’s Prayer)
  • Learn about one new saint or hero of the faith each month. There are lots of children’s books with short stories and summaries as a great starting place.
  • Look ahead to the next year. Pick one new Biblical Feast you can add to your calendar.
  • Pray together before you start a long trip
  • Make Sundays the day you unplug from the computer and cell phones
  • Learn to take a Sacred Pause (we share our method in this ebook)

Family Worship


Family Learning:

(Whether you homeschool or not, learning new things as a family is important…and fun!)

  • When you watch a movie together, take time to discuss it afterwards (we have a simple course for children here)
  • Discuss books together and read some classics
  • Quiz one another on Bible knowledge! Let the kids quiz Mom and Dad, too!
  • If your job allows, bring your child to work with you on occasion so they can learn from you there
  • Learn a new task together (cooking, baking, candle stick making :-))
  • Read, read, read!
  • Watch less TV. Pick one day a week that is TV-free.

Augustine of Hippo

  1. Guess what ladies!?! I’ve had a glass of lemon water EVERY morning since our last class! 1/2 a lemon of course! OXO

  2. Love the quote, “Speak at least one word of encouragement every day to the people you love.”  That says volumes!

  3. This is seriously great. When trying to change a whole lifestyle, it is completely overwhelming but when you dissect it and focus on one small step at a time, it is more achievable. Thanks for creating such a great resource. Pinning!

  4. Getting to know neighbors, eating stuff from your own garden… Sounds like living the way they used to live. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. 🙂

  5. I love all of your tips for the home and our hearts!! 

  6. Than you for sharing 🙂
    Baby steps are a great idea.
    Blessings, Elena

  7. Such lovely ideas.  🙂

  8. I love that first quote about it all about being in the homes and gardens – so true. I hope my girls have a nostolgic feel about our kitchen and home meals when they leave the nest 🙂

  9. Fantastic tips! Love them all!

  10. I love this!  Pinning and I will share it too!  I’m barefoot as much as possible 🙂

  11. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many wonderful tips. 

  12. Thanks for all this great advice!

  13. Thanks, this is lovely. So many good guiding words of wisdom shared with love. 🙂

  14. Georgina - October 23, 2014

    Love it….love it all.  You girls are amazing.  God bless The Provision Room!

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