Easiest Homemade Yogurt Evah!!!!

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You can hashtag this #wapf or #goodfat or #raw or #probiotic….

or how about just #AMAZING!  Because seriously, this little trick is awesome-sauce.

My mother-in-law’s naturopath told me to do this to get lots of good bacteria into her diet, plus a generous amount of healthy fat.

Also, did I mention this is DELICIOUS?!

Easiest Yogurt Evah!

Here’s what you need:

1. One pint heavy cream (we like raw)

2. Two quality pro-biotic capsules.

Pour the heavy cream into a yogurt maker.  We have been using our Instant Pot  (Man, we love this appliance.  We use it every. single. day.)

Empty in two capsules pro-biotic. Stir to combine.

Push start.


The Instant Pot’s yogurt setting takes 8 hours, but your yogurt maker may have different time tables.  When it is finished pour into a small bowl and refrigerate.  When it is completely cooled the texture will be thick and creamy and irresistible! If you want to, at this point you can add some sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia or whatever you like to sweeten it. Although, I really enjoy plain yogurt.  Berries or a dash of vanilla is also delicious.

Bon Appétit!!!

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  1. Karen - July 20, 2017

    Do you place the cream in a jar and then put it in instant pot.  What about water around the jar and do you keep the jar open or closed before you set timer?

    • I did it directly in the instant pot, not in the jar. I emptied the cream into the pot and used the yogurt setting.

  2. Is it the cream that makes this work differently than all the other IP Yogurt recipes?  Yours is the only recipe I’ve found that doesn’t have some complicated process of “heat to this, cool to this” etc.

    • I think it’s the combination of the cream and the probiotic powder, rather than a “yogurt starter.”

  3. Can I double this recipe?

  4. Brenda - January 7, 2017

    Do you have a link for your probiotics?

  5. Stacey - January 2, 2017

    Where can I find pro-biotic capsules?

  6. Michelle - March 2, 2016

    Can I do this if I don’t have a yogurt setting on my instant pot?

    • Daja - March 7, 2016

      I have not tried this particular yogurt-making method without a yogurt maker or Instant Pot. But I’m curious now and will have to play around with it. If it turns out I’ll let you know!

  7. No way!! That easy? Does it have to be raw milk/cream? I used to make yogurt all the time. I think I’ll try this way soon and see what happens!

    • Raw cream is the tastiest and best, in my opinion. You can use other creams, though. The only thing I would NOT use is ultra-pasteurized. If you use commercial cream, just make sure it is pasteurized without the ultra. It’s tough to grow anything in ultra-pasteurized. Have fun!!! 🙂

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