The exact moment…

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Yesterday being #ThrowBackThursday on social media, I posted this picture to Instagram:

The exact moment...

Last April, I was sitting in Adoration one day, just having the most lovely visit with Jesus. And suddenly I felt the Lord whisper to me that I was pregnant.

I couldn’t be!

Wait. What day is this?

Discreetly pull out the calendar, take a look.

Oh my word. I am pregnant.

Right there. In prayer. In front of the Blessed Sacrament. I realized that I was pregnant. And this during one of the most challenging and busy seasons of my adult life. Packing and moving my big ol’ family from one coast to another, carrying for my mother-in-law with terminal cancer. Stress all over the place. And now the gift of a new life.  It was a holy moment, one that I’ll never forget.

Do you remember exactly where you were when you realized that you were co-creating with the Creator?  Did you get a second opinion from a doctor or pregnancy test, or did you just know beyond a shadow of a doubt? Tell us your story.

“Every fiber of a woman’s being cries out for connection, for relationship. This distinctively feminine orientation has been poo-pooh’d in recent decades, claiming it makes a woman weak and dependent. The solution has been to downgrade her need for relationships and upgrade her ability to accomplish and achieve. However, there’s an undeniable aspect of a woman that can’t be swept under the carpet or deleted from her life – her body…The structure of a woman’s body is made for union, for connection.  There is no shame in being a woman. Only women can receive new life into the empty space within. Only women can make a gift of self so that others can receive the gift of their very lives.”  (Katrina Zeno)

I am on the home stretch now. Just a few more weeks and we’ll be holding number 9. God has graciously carried us through this pregnancy. And we feel so blessed to be able to give birth one more time.  We never take our fertility for granted. It is a gift from God.

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  1. What a beautiful story.  What I remember most about the early days of being pregnant was waking up in the mornings and remembering I was going to have another baby!  I loved that feeling.  Good luck with #9–what a blessing.

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